• Mario Molinar

Not From Rain Recoiling

Not from rain recoiling

Not from wind

Neither recoiling from snow

nor summer's heat

One who is sound in body

Is free from greed

And never resorts to anger

Ever with a quiet smile

Subsisting on plain and simple fare

A little whole rice, miso, and a few vegetables

Taking little account of himself

Who has seen the world, understood it well

And bears in mind its nature constantly

Living alone in a small thatched hut

In the shade of a pine grove by a field

Learning of a sick child in the east

He sets off there to say "don't be frightened"

Learning of a fight or dispute in the north

He sets off there to talk to a piece and

the meaninglessness of animosity

Shedding tears in times of drought

At a loss when the harvest threatened by cold

Called a good-for-nothing by people

Praised by no one

Yet a burden to none

Such a person, I wish to be

Miyazawa Kenji 1896-1933

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